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Erotic Adventures

Several chapters of this book were published in France. We are currently in the process of publishing the entire book in e-book format. Excerpts from chapter two follows. Please note that the more explicit text has been removed from the following excerpt.

Chapter Two
My Early Escapades

The next few months were some of the happiest moments in my life. Everyone was treating me like a man. I was almost seventeen then. I passed my driving test so I could drive my uncle’s trucks. I made my first solo trip to Palermo about two weeks after we got back from there. I called Sylvia as soon as I got in the city. A male voice answered and I hung up. My next trip was two weeks later. I called and again the same male voice answered. I did not want to compromise Sylvia by hanging up twice. So, I put on my best foreign accent and asked for “Don Benito Juarez” Why that name? I had seen a movie about Mexico a few nights earlier and the name Don Benito Juarez had stuck in my mind. It sort of rhymed nicely with my fake foreign accent. By the way, let me digress a little bit here since this book is about my life and ideas. Also you may learn something. Don Benito was an actual Mexican revolutionary who orchestrated the demise of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. Maximilian was the younger brother of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. He was a man of very liberal orientation. In 1864 he was invited by the people of Mexico to become their emperor. He also received help from Napoleon III of France. Maximilian was actually an able administrator. He set about bringing Mexico out of the dark ages and loosened its dependence on the US. He was a champion of the poor and the Indians. He confiscated vast properties that churches were holding and gave them to the peasants, thereby turning the powerful Catholic Church against himself. He actually spent his own money to pay for the day-to-day expenses of administration of the country. Maximilian was childless and power would have transferred back to the Mexicans after his death. However, the American imperialism at the time did not take kindly to being usurped and they financed and armed Mexicans like Don Benito to defeat Maximilian. Finally, Maximilian’s Mexican officers betrayed him and he was captured. He was offered a chance to abdicate and leave the country. He refused because he thought that he would be letting down his subjects. He was shot in 1867 by the Mexican bandits who had taken over the government in Mexico. With that Mexico sank back into being Uncle Sam’s poor helpless neighbor. To this day, almost all the successive governments that have come to power in Mexico have been corrupt and/or oppressive. The US would have it no other way. Mexico is the source of cheap labor and raw material. Now Mexicans celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” as the day of their liberation from poor Maximilian who was probably their ablest and most honest leader. What irony.

Meanwhile, thanks to Sylvia’s discovery of my fetish, I felt like a different person. I was feeling lusty and sexually aroused most of the time. I even felt awkward around my mother.